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chiropractic adjustments


CHIROPRACTIC: As a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Welbes treats acute and chronic disease as it affects the neuromusculoskeletal system. Emphasis is always placed on getting to the cause of the problem, rehabilitation and prevention. Subluxations or misalignments of the spine produce a multitude of symptoms which can be addressed by putting the bones back into their natural places.

ACUPRESSURE: An ancient healing art in which pressure is applied to specific sensitive points on the body. Acupressure uses key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's self-curative abilities. When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood to promote health and healing. Acupressure uses the theory of chi and meridians and is deeply rooted in Chinese medicines.

NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING: This analysis is done through testing your body's own neurological reflexes and acupressure points. The neurological reflexes are derived from the part of the nervous system whose job is to regulate the functions of your organs. Nutrition Response Testing is a study of how the different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and to the flow of energy in each and every organ and function of your body.

MASSAGE THERAPY INCLUDING ONCOLOGY MASSAGE: Your skin, muscles, and connective tissue combine to create your body's largest sense organ. Touch is necessary for this organ. Massage Therapy heals the body and mind through therapeutic touch. An imbalance causes illness; the massage therapist restores the energy flow so the body is functioning at its best. While massage cannot cure cancer, Oncology Massage can offer much needed relief, enhance your quality of life, and make a great contribution to your healing process. Oncology Massage can safely nurture the body, mind and spirit of anyone who is dealing with cancer.

checking weight lost


CUSTOMIZED WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS: After a thorough assessment and exam process, Dr. Welbes provides a customized plan to help you lose weight and burn fat. Dr. Welbes uncovers the underlying cause of weight gain and helps the body heal so it can naturally return to its healthy weight. By balancing hormones, detoxing and reversing the aging process, your body will drop unwanted pounds.

COLON THERAPY: The key to achieving vibrant health results from the proper elimination of toxins from our body - anything we put into our body must either be assimilated or eliminated. When we detox, we allow our system to naturally rid itself of the waste toxicity that has built up over the years. Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs. Today's sophisticated technology promotes both the safety and sanitation of this popular cleansing practice. Colon hydrotherapy is practiced primarily to cleanse, purify, and recharge the body.

DETOXIFICATION: Ridding your body of toxins restores health and vitality and prevents disease. Detoxifying your body helps with weight loss. You can receive several detoxification treatments and supplements to aid your body to expel toxins including Cellulite Treatments, Colon Hydro Therapy, Ionic Foot Baths, as well as the highest quality detoxification supplements.

WHOLE BODY VIBRATION PLATE: Whole Body Vibration (WBV) offers a low-impact way to increase strength, flexibility, and rejuvenate your body - in addition to increasing metabolism. The benefits of Whole Body Vibration: accelerates weight loss, reduces cellulite, reduces varicose veins, increases energy, improves muscle strength, enhances detoxification, and improves circulation.


LIPO-LIGHT: Our Lipo-Light utilizes the latest technology for spot fat reduction, inch loss and body contouring in almost any area of the body. The Lipo-Light is 100% noninvasive, with no known side effects. The Lipo-Light was designed to specifically target subcutaneous fat, reducing the appearance of cellulite, resulting in inch loss and body contouring.

SYNERGIE MASSAGE SYSTEM: The ultimate solution for reducing cellulite, uses revolutionary vacuum massage technology proven to smooth and tighten the skin while improving circulation. Synergie finally provides the solution millions of women have been seeking for inch loss and cellulite reduction.

BODY CONTOURING WRAPS: Developed by a biochemist, this wrap process is formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow. Cleansing of the tissues results in healthy inch loss through internal cleansing. You will experience inch loss, diminishing of cellulite and body contouring.



HEALING TOUCH: Healing Touch is a relaxing nurturing energy therapy. Gentle touch assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. It can help with pain, depression, immunity, recovery from surgery/illness, and spiritual enhancement.

REIKI: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying on hands. Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

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